Our Toddler Room offers light and spacious areas over two levels with direct access to a beautiful outdoor garden, ready to be explored. The outdoor area offers free flow to the Toddler Room giving the children freedom and choice to explore a variety of activities, both indoor and out.

Our children are cared for by a dedicated team of key people who are caring, friendly, happy and fun but above all, committed to ensuring the children are stimulated and progressing towards their next steps of development. This is achieved through activities that are planned around the children’s own individual interests to keep it fun and engaging.

In the toddler room we plan activities that are based on children’s individual needs and next steps, however we are also very aware that the toddlers are beginning to develop their own characters, preferences but above all their independence! To ensure that we give the children choice and independence during play, we keep toys at their level with either pictures on the side or in clear boxes, to enable children’s own choices to be made.

The room has recently been extended and we are now able to offer a second toddler room that can be accessed by stairs from the downstairs Toddler room. The children love to play and learn in both rooms as it keeps them stimulated and engaged in the many activities we have to offer. All areas, outdoor and in, offer our children access to experience and explore activities that cover the seven areas of development.

We have a nappy changing area both upstairs and down, with children who are ready to be toilet trained having access to toilets on the lower level.

In the Toddler room we strive to make sure that the children are always happy to come and play with us, which is why we work closely with our parents to build great relationships to ensure the best possible care we can.

We offer online daily dairies that are updated by the child’s key person to help keep parents informed of what their child has eaten,  and activities enjoyed during that day. This is a great way to ensure parents are up-to-date of any new interests the children may have and to keep the line of communication open, so parents have the opportunity to leave a message for us about any changes in routine, new interests or to let us know what fun the children have been experiencing at home.

Claire and Preena – Joint Room Leaders