Testimonials – Written

Please see below some written testimonials by parents with children that have attended Nursery Rhymes Leicester.

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The below reviews were posted directly to our website.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all the love and care that you have shown Yusuf. It is such a shame that we are leaving at a time when he feels so settled with all the children and staff. It is obvious that the staff at Nursery Rhymes take their jobs very seriously and have got to know Yusuf very well. Lauren, Sam and Natalie as his key workers were always keen to tell me about Yusuf’s day  and it is obvious that when Yusuf is around them, he is happy.

As a parent, I have always felt well informed about my child’s development and feel a sense of security that my child is well looked after. Nursery Rhymes feels like a very ‘homely’ environment and I am always well received by any member of staff when I walk through the door. Everyone is always positive and smiling, it instantly makes me feel good- and so the kids must feel even better!

Thank you.



Thank you for everything Katie, Cerhyse has now been at Nursery Rhymes for just over a month and I can’t believe the changes in her. She is so much happier and content as she learns new things every day.

She is much more settled at home and when she is around family and friends who have also commented on how well Cerhyse has developed since starting at Nursery Rhymes. We are very pleased with her development – Thank You.


Myself, my wife and our whole family would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the continuing childcare, love and support that you have provided our son.

Since the first day that we came to visit Nursery Rhymes when you had only been open for 1 week myself, my wife and especially my 7 month old child immediately fell in love with the place. The homely loving atmosphere that was radiating from every single angle completely won our hearts. The attitude, commitment, experience and expertise of the staff that you had appointed showed how determined you were to provide the highest level of childcare. You have in my opinion more than achieved this by a country mile.

Nursery Rhymes is the 1st Nursery that we looked at and being first time parents we have been spoilt with the best of the best. Nowhere else would be able to live up to the high standard and loving environment that is embedded within Nursery Rhymes Leicester.

The high level fire, security and door access control systems give us complete peace of mind and confidence of the secure and safe environment in which Manas will be cared for. The Nursery has come a long way since it had first opened and the wonderful rooms, and garden areas are amazing. The nursery is continually developing and improving all of the time and gives us reassurance that, resources, activities and areas for Manas are always there and are increasing.

Whenever I drop Manas off in the morning he cannot wait to get into the nursery and get straight into his daily activities and this also is a similar case when I come to collect him as he does not want to leave. His face is glowing and has the biggest smile you could ever see on a child. This as a parent tells me straight the way that my child has received so much love, attention and support throughout his day. He cannot stop talking about all of his friends and all of the staff that he interacts with. It is as if Manas has another home and a family that care for and love him just as much as we do. He always wants to take toys and some of his own personal belongings to share with his loved ones at Nursery Rhymes.

Every time I read his book I am filled with nothing short of joy and happiness as I can see how much Manas has enjoyed himself and how much he has been cared for. It’s wonderful reading about what he has done during the day, what he has achieved and the wonderful food that he has eaten. The activities and the pieces of work that Manas brings home is enough to make any parent proud and it is also a clear piece of evidence that supports the nursery’s commitment to Manas’s continuing development.

Since Manas started at Nursery Rhymes ages 7 Months he was cruising and mumbling. He has gone from that into a fully developed little person whom has feelings, emotions and an amazing personality who is never short of a few words. He has excelled as a child and parents evenings and his learning journey fully support this. The person he has become is down to the love, care and guidance that he receives from his loved ones at home and at Nursery Rhymes.

I personally adore the loving and welcoming attitude and nature of the staff at Nursery Rhymes and being a first time parent I have that guarantee and peace of mind that should I ever need to speak to someone regarding Manas, whether it be concerns or whether I wish to seek advice I am welcomed with open arms and somebody actually takes the time to listen and is very supportive and understanding.

I am very happy that I am continually kept up to date with Manas’s progress and also of what is happening at Nursery Rhymes. Also whenever I receive any correspondence it always is addressed personally and always focused around Manas which shows that he is valued as a child and we are valued as parents and members of the nursery and not just seen as a customer or source of income. This also relates back to the homely and caring ethos of the nursery.

I would like to once again give a big thank you to Nursery Rhymes for providing Manas with one of the best possible starts in life and the continued support that he is receiving. The staff are amazing and there is a wonderful network of parents who are so friendly and all of these people have helped to turn Nursery Rhymes into a small friendly community. I would highly recommend this Nursery to anyone who wishes for their child to have a great start in life and be reassured that their child is receiving all of the love, care, attention and support that they require along with childcare to the highest standard.

Nursery Rhymes Leicester you have a place in our hearts forever.

We wish you all the success in the world.

Manish & Aarti plus the rest of the family


My daughter, Eiliyah, has progressed significantly under the guidance and support from Nursey Rhymes. Her development has far exceeded any expectations I initially conceived. Nursery Rhymes staff assisted her achievements from her potty training, eating more vegetables, academic results i.e her literacy and numeracy skills, to supporting her natural tendencies towards dance, song & creative expression.

I believe it is down to the success of an enormously warm and caring environment managed under the leadership of Karen Marks, whose central criteria to nourish the children’s development with absolute attention & care. The staff at Nursery Rhymes are exceptional and there have been some very important personnel, who in my opinion, have been involved in establishing my daughter’s confidence and independence. Particularly Abida a devoted and passionate teacher who has contributed fundamentally to Eiliyah’s well-being, personal development and education.

The feedback & support as a parent is of an excellent standard. There is always a attitude of co-operation and involvement throughout the course of Eiliyah’s time there. This applies not only through any problems that have arisen but also positive steps that have been achieved. I have personally found this very reassuring as a full time working Mother.

I cannot thank the staff at Nursey Rhymes enough for their contribution to Eiliyah’s formative years from toddler to young child. I believe not only will it make her transition to school easier but will assist & accelerate her in all her learning. Nursery Rhymes is a unique and special place.


On behalf of my wife and I, I am writing to thank you for the time Sebastian has spent in your care at Nursery Rhymes. From the first time we met when you were kind enough to show us around the nursery prior to it’s opening, it was clear that your vision to provide high quality child care would become a reality.

Your motivation and drive was palpable and your inspirational appointment of your Deputy Manager,
Sam Carter, gave a clear indication of your intention to secure the very best for the children who
would be put in your charge. This has been embedded over the years by your success in appointing
other equally committed members of staff.

However, the pieces would not have come together if it was not for your own leadership and it is from this that Sebastian has benefited the most. My son has flourished in the care of your team; he has truly been cared for, nurtured and most importantly loved.

His learning experiences have been broad and clearly of a very high quality and it is always a highlight of my week when I collect Sebastian from nursery and he tells me about the exciting activities he has partaken in that day.

Being a Head Teacher from a school that also has children in attendance that are in Early Years Foundation Stage, it is clear that the provision you have developed is of the highest standard. I cannot thank you enough for the ideal start that you have provided for Sebastian’s educational life.
I genuinely have no doubt that the success of your nursery will continue and that other lucky children will benefit as much as my son.

Best wishes and many thanks,
M Fitzwilliam B.Ed (Hons.) NPQH LLE  (Head Teacher)


I knew on our first visit to Nursery Rhymes that we’d found the ‘one’.   Lovely homely environment, relaxed atmosphere and friendly, dedicated staff who clearly love working with the children and have lots of fun doing it.    Leaving your child in someone else’s care is so hard to do, it absolutely has to feel right.   I leave Freya at Nursery Rhymes knowing that she’ll have a great day and be well looked after.    We love it and most importantly Freya loves it!

Stephanie and Jason


Dear Karen and the fabulous team at Nursery Rhymes,

We just wanted to thank you for the care that you have taken with our daughter Izzy since she started at the nursery nearly a year ago.  As you know, we had some major issues with our previous Nursery and were concerned about moving her to another environment however, as soon as we walked through the door at Nursery Rhymes we knew that we did not have to worry.  There is a distinct homely feel to the nursery and the children are made to feel that they are part of the family at Nursery Rhymes.

The staff in the pre-school have been wonderful and the level of commitment shown has been outstanding.  We would like to single out Abida for her constant enthusiasm, joy and commitment that she has shown to the children in the pre-school.  She understands Izzy so well and Izzy has made great progress in learning her numbers and letters and is already beginning to read at home.  She has been prepared well to start school in September and we couldn’t have asked for more.

In the last year we have seen continued investment in the facilities at the Nursery including the wonderful outside garden space.  The purchase of the interactive whiteboard has been a real hit with the children and really improved their learning and play.  It is something that is used at the school that Izzy will join, so it’s great that she will see some continuity.

Thank you again for all the hard work and we wish you continued success with Nursery Rhymes.


Sarah and Iain


I would highly recommend Nursery Rhymes to all my family and friends. We visited several nurseries prior to Nursery Rhymes, and it outshone them all by miles! Karen and all the girls are so friendly and welcoming, we automatically felt very comfortable. The nursery itself is very homely, with lovely rooms and garden.

I was a little worried our son, might struggle to settle as I had been off for over a year with him, but he had no problems at all and settled very well, very quickly! The separate sleep room has enabled him to maintain his nap routine; the girls really helped to ensure he settled quickly at nap times, following the same style we use at home. This really helped me get back in to work with no worries.

The staff at Nursery Rhymes are very accommodating, they listened to all of his needs and what he enjoyed doing and ensured this continued at nursery. We felt very relaxed from the first day knowing that he was being looked after so well. It also showed in his behavior; he started babbling so much more, he has always been a confident little boy but he became even more adventurous. He also began to try a much wider variety of foods and can even feed himself! All thanks to Nursery Rhymes.

We love reading what he has been doing and eating each day at nursery. There is such a wide variety of activities to keep him entertained, and he is learning new things all of the time. The variety of food and healthy snacks is fantastic.

We are so happy that he is at Nursery Rhymes, it is a brilliant nursery, with such caring and welcoming staff. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Jake has attended Nursery Rhymes since it opened in September 2009. He has settled in really well and is very happy. We are really pleased with our decision to put him into Nursery Rhymes: it is a fabulous place with lots of creative activities, highly competent and approachable staff and lovely, clean facilities.

The building has a real homely feel which is important to us as this has made Jake feel safe and secure. The key fob entry to the nursery has given us complete confidence about his security. The large garden and outside areas are brilliant as this enables Jake to get fresh air, play and explore outside when the weather permits.

All the staff at Nursery Rhymes are incredibly friendly and take a genuine interest in Jake and what he has been up to. The diary update system works very well and is effective as a two way communication system as we are informed about Jakes day. This allows us to find out what activities he has enjoyed and taken part in, as well as what he has eaten and when he has slept. This is also very important to us as we want to know what he has been doing. The staff all know Jake really well and are able to plan activities around his interests. He is always involved in singing, dancing, reading (plenty of tractor books; his current interest), arts and craft activities. We have run out of room on our kitchen wall for his masterpieces!

Since attending Nursery Rhymes Jake has made some great progress with his language skills which is due to the positive interactions he has with staff and other children. We know Jake loves to go to nursery as he gets very excited when we get there in the car racing through the door without a second glance. We feel that Jake is receiving the best possible care and that all the staff have his individual needs at the front of their minds and we are confident that he will continue to develop as well as he is currently.


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all your staff for going out of your way to get Isaac settled back into nursery life after his appalling treatment at the previous Nursery. I really appreciated the time you took to listen to my concerns and advice and working together we managed to settle him in. Isaac enjoys coming to Nursery Rhymes and is always happy and enthusiastic when I come to collect him. Thanks again ever so much.