To: Karen, Sammy, Harriet, Jodie, Katie, Bogusia (and everyone else who has helped out in the Baby area).

Having to leave your baby to return to work following maternity leave is one of the most difficult things a parent has to do. As we have said to you already, we were feeling very worried about the prospect of leaving Ewan, due to the other nurseries we had looked at. Then we found Nursery Rhymes! From the moment we stepped through the door we were convinced that this was the place we wanted to leave Ewan whilst we were at work. We can honestly say that you have not disappointed us over the eight months Ewan has been with you.

The environment itself is lovely, so homely and inviting and the care you offer is clearly to such a high standard. We wanted to find somewhere that would be responsive to Ewan’s needs, to give cuddles when he needed them, play when he was bored and quiet time when required. We felt quickly reassured that this would be provided by all the staff at Nursery Rhymes.

Ewan bonded instantly with his key worker, and we were so appreciative of the time and effort Sammy devoted to getting to know Ewan (you are a very special person, Sammy!). Ewan has developed so well since being at Nursery Rhymes. He’s a happy, confident, social little boy and as his parents we know we have to give you all credit for the part you have played in that. We’re so sad that we have to say goodbye, but we’re also so pleased that we found you and that Ewan was able to have this experience at such an important time in his little life. We feel confident that you have given him a great foundation to go on and be a happy little toddler, embarking upon his next journey. We can’t that you all enough.

Lots of love, Becky and James