💚 Prevention of choking 💚

After teaching another great parent first aid yesterday the discussion of choking is always top of the agenda so I found this great visual and advice from Charlotte at SR Nutrition

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This is what Charlotte has to say…

🥦Often with the parents I speak to, one of their biggest fears when introducing solid food is choking…

🆘In all honesty children and adults can realistically choke on anything (like me with my tea 🙈)

❗️However there are certain foods that pose more of a risk of choking for young babies and children…

📝 I wanted to do a post to address this because I am always asked about it and, in all honesty, I’m always a little bit wary of posting about choking hazards because any food can be a choking hazard for a baby!

🦷 During weaning you will soon learn your own child’s abilities with food-some babies have excellent chewing skills (& teeth) early on & are able to cope with harder foods and textures more easily than others.

👶🏼With that in mind here is a fairly comprehensive graphic of food choking hazards for babies & young children.

👍🏼It’s not an exhaustive list, but I would say it includes most of the main culprits.

❌You don’t have to avoid most of these foods, just present them in ways that are more manageable for children

😃 As your little one gets more confident & experienced with eating they will be able to move towards some of the food in the first picture, but remember that whole nuts and whole grapes are not recommended until children are around five years of age!

💚 Think it’s great advice and to be fair I still cut Sophia’s grapes and she is 10 😝 💚

It is also a very good idea to be prepared for an emergency so why don’t you get in touch for a parent first aid course!

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I have over 10 years experience as a first aid instructor and I am a HCPC registered Paramedic 🚑

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