Our Pre-school area continues the home from home feeling carried throughout the nursery. It offers a wide variety of learning opportunities and chances for our pre-school children to be independent thinkers.

The activities provided follow the children’s individual learning and are always designed to spark excitement, curiosity and intrigue among the children. To begin to prepare our children for school we introduce literacy and numeracy through a range of adult led activities, such as phonics sessions.

We also promote positive relationships during these sessions by teaching our children the skills needed to listen to one another and learn about valuing different ideas, interests and beliefs.

Alongside adult led learning activities we still focus highly on learning through play. The children are given lots of time to play freely, choosing where, what, who and how to play. All practitioners value this time and although it can be seen as “just playing” the staff at Nursery Rhymes understand it is one of the most valuable ways the children learn.

We follow the EYFS and the children always have access to the seven areas of learning which are provided in a range of different ways.
Although these areas are set up to build on specific skill sets at Nursery Rhymes we encourage free thinking and praise the children for bringing together their own ideas about how to use the resources, developing their creativity and imagination as well as valuing and promoting the children’s own ideas.

From creating dinosaur swamps in the messy tray, to building castles at the construction tray, or engaging in problem solving in the maths area the children are always kept engaged and motivated while being supported by an early learning facilitator (ELF) who will partake in and extend play activities designed to help each child achieve their full potential.
The pre-school children have free flow access to our large outdoor play environment, which is accessed in all weathers and is safe, secure and monitored by CCTV. While outside the children have a range of opportunities to investigate, explore and use their curiosity while learning through play.

We like to take the indoors outdoors and focus just as much of our efforts on creating a fun and exciting learning space outside as we do inside.
The children are provided with a selection of natural resources and open-ended play opportunities throughout the outdoor space, including in our undercover area.

Throughout the day the Pre-school children can be seen engaging in imaginative play in our mud kitchen, getting messy in our digging patch or becoming problem solvers using our water wall. We believe that having the opportunity to explore the outdoor environment so freely throughout the day allows our Pre-school children to make decisions about their own learning and gives them the environment needed to thrive and develop into well rounded, happy children who are equipped with all the skills needed for starting school.

Linda & Jasmine
Deputy Manager and Pre-School Leader.