Behavior Policy

Staff will use re-direction, early intervention and positive reinforcement.  Any persistent disruptive behavior will be reported to parents and carers.  The management reserves the right to have any child removed from the nursery who is persistently disruptive and a danger to other children.

Child Protection Policy

The Nursery has a responsibility to ensure that all children are developing in a safe and secure environment.  Any concerns that a child is being harmed or injured will be reported to Children’s Social Care.  This decision would not be taken lightly nor in the case of an isolated incident.

Health and Safety

– Regular fire drills, fire equipment and smoke alarms are tested weekly.

– The nursery has full public Liability Insurance

– Children are supervised at all times

– Outdoor areas are fully enclosed

– Children are not allowed off the premises with anyone other than parent/carer unless otherwise instructed.

– Complete written policies are available on request

Complaints Procedures

If any parent/carer has a complaint that cannot be satisfactorily resolved by the Manager, they may contact OFSTED Regional Office 0845 601 4772