NHS and Key Workers offer

To say thank you to our amazing NHS and key workers we are currently offering a 5% monthly discount for the first 3 months.* *New sign ups. July – September 2020.

Going Back To Nursery!

Please view our “Going Back To Nursery” book for parents to read with your child. We hope this will help children to understand the small changes we will be implementing to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Prevention of choking

πŸ’š Prevention of choking πŸ’š After teaching another great parent first aid yesterday the discussion of choking is always top of the agenda so I found this great visual and advice from Charlotte at SR Nutrition Follow her page for great nutritional and weaning advice This...

Why Does My Child Bite?

“Parenting Advice: β€œWhy Does My Child Bite?” Children who bite is something that many parents experience. Our nursery practitioners will often encounter biting as well. One of the questions we’re often asked is, β€œWhy does my child bite?” You may find it...

What to look for when choosing a nursery

What to look for when choosing a nursery Supernanny expert Amanda Coxen, gives her tips and advice on how to find the best nursery for your little one As a recruiter for nurseries and a mother of a four-year-old who attends a nursery, I have seen for myself both the...

Fruit Play

The Pre-School children have had lots of fun today using their senses to explore a tray of different fruits. The children showed interest in the different textures and smells as well as the different colours and shapes. We did lots of squishing and squeezing and the...

Umbrella painting

The Pre-school children loved painting the umbrellas whilst their friend sits underneath and watch’s in awe.