My daughter, Eiliyah, has progressed significantly under the guidance and support from Nursey Rhymes. Her development has far exceeded any expectations I initially conceived. Nursery Rhymes staff assisted her achievements from her potty training, eating more vegetables, academic results i.e her literacy and numeracy skills, to supporting her natural tendencies towards dance, song & creative expression.

I believe it is down to the success of an enormously warm and caring environment managed under the leadership of Karen Marks, whose central criteria to nourish the children’s development with absolute attention & care. The staff at Nursery Rhymes are exceptional and there have been some very important personnel, who in my opinion, have been involved in establishing my daughter’s confidence and independence. Particularly Abida a devoted and passionate teacher who has contributed fundamentally to Eiliyah’s well-being, personal development and education.

The feedback & support as a parent is of an excellent standard. There is always a attitude of co-operation and involvement throughout the course of Eiliyah’s time there. This applies not only through any problems that have arisen but also positive steps that have been achieved. I have personally found this very reassuring as a full time working Mother.

I cannot thank the staff at Nursey Rhymes enough for their contribution to Eiliyah’s formative years from toddler to young child. I believe not only will it make her transition to school easier but will assist & accelerate her in all her learning. Nursery Rhymes is a unique and special place.