Fruit Play

The Pre-School children have had lots of fun today using their senses to explore a tray of different fruits. The children showed interest in the different textures and smells as well as the different colours and shapes. We did lots of squishing and squeezing and the children observed the different effects.

These are just some of the things the children said throughout their play,
“it’s very squishy.”
“it made my hands all red with the juice.” 
“this fruit has got all little seeds in”
“I can smell strawberry, it’s delicious”
“the berries came from the big trees”

Children at Nursery Rhymes make Autumn display

The toddlers have all enjoyed helping to create an Autumn display this week. They all had the chance to participate in some fun creative activities of their choice.

They Included fruit and vegetable tasting/printing, leaf printing on the Autumn tree and creating trees with cotton buds. The children enjoyed learning about Autumn in the process. As they collected leaves, sticks and pine cones we talked about the change in colour of the leaves from green to red/orange/yellow.

During the various activities, the children learnt lots of different words to share their experiences. Here are a few examples:

‘That’s prickly, the carrot is long, looks like a circle, I didn’t like the lemon, it taste funny, the broccoli looks like a tree, small brown leaf, it looks spotty, the tree is big, I put leaves on it, I like tomato that’s my favourite!’

Babies Exploring New Resources

The baby room have spent their afternoon creating lots of sounds using the new wooden drums. They would use their hands and the wooden spoons to bang the drums whilst listening to their carers sing nursery rhymes and talk about the different sounds that they are creating.

French Lessons for Pre-School

The Pre-School children had a great time learning a new language when our qualified French teacher came to do a lesson.

We are excited that she will be visiting us on a ongoing basis to teach the Pre-School children.


Water Wall

The children have been having lots of fun with their new water wall in the pre-school area.

The pre-school children have been pumping the water up through the tubes and then watch it run down the wall.

pre-school leicester Nursery Rhymes Water Wall Leicester

Mud Kitchen Play

The Pre-school children have had lots of fun this morning exploring their new outdoor mud kitchen.

Children at Nursery Rhymes

They used lots of natural resources and ingredients from their surroundings, such as soil, stones and twigs to create lots of yummy treats. 🌿🍂