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The baby room have been enjoying various activities, both inside and out in the garden and also in our baby marquee. πŸ˜€ See MoreSee Less

The Pre-School children have been very busy this week, they have been using their imaginations to create various different crafts and have enjoyed getting messy with the glitter!

They also noticed that there are a lot more leaves in the garden now so they went on a hunt to collect some and then we used our projector to project them on to the wall and they had a go at drawing around the projected images. They loved observing the different shapes that the shadows created πŸβ˜˜οΈπŸ‚
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A brilliant week for the toddlers. There has been some lovely interactions going on this week. The children have shown some amazing group work, working together in teams and playing well alongside one another as well as lots of sharing and turn taking. The adults have loved joining in too which the children really enjoyed when we drew around one another! The positive interactions continued with the dolls where the children showed lots of love and affection through symbolic play. See MoreSee Less

A great couple of weeks for the toddlers. They have been very busy engaging in new exciting activities. They loved collecting a range of natural materials from the garden such as leaves, bark, twigs and petals. They used this to create marks by dipping it into paint. The children noticed the different patterns and print created as well as talking about the textures! They also liked to use these materials to stick onto card to make their very own frames! Some children have also been exploring shadows and even had a go at drawing around the shadows they created with their hands and faces!

We have been incorporating lots of natural objects into play as well as large loose parts. This has been a great way for the children to enhance their imagination and using representation in play to support open ended ideas. The critical thinking area has been improved with more of these items to allow the children to count, group, match and sort while also stacking and supporting pretend play. Many of the toddlers have also used the same idea to explore the small world area, building their own imagination from stories and own experiences.

A new addition to the room is a new bakery role play. The children have loved this showing positive interactions with one another while engaging in lots of role play ideas. They were able to use a range of tools to support their motor skills and incorporated lovely language to support play such as ‘More, cooking, hot, sticky, rolling, round, daddy.’ It has been really lovely to see the children engage in play in their own unique way using objects of interest to represent their own ideas and thoughts.

To view a 360 Virtual Tour of Nursery Rhymes please click the following link:

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Such happy and engaged children X you all do the most wonderful job caring for the children X

A few pictures from our recent pre-school graduation party. πŸ˜€πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ See MoreSee Less

A poem for our amazing pre-school leavers. See MoreSee Less

A poem for our amazing pre-school leavers.

The babies have been getting very creative this morning! πŸ˜€ See MoreSee Less

A fun week for the toddlers! We have been very busy enjoying various activities. We have engaged in various role play activities which has supported the children to develop their imagination and encourage positive interaction.

The children had lots of fun making playdough which encouraged them to learn how to measure quantity and use specific tools. They also liked mark making, building structures and going on a bug hunt outside! While outside we enjoyed the lovely weather and played lots of games while discussing how important it is to drink lots of water! β˜€οΈ

Want to see more of Nursery Rhymes? Please view our 360 virtual tour here
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Lovely happy faces πŸ˜€

Baby room enjoying freshly made playdough. See MoreSee Less

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Play dough time xxx

The babies have had a great time painting with their feet today! They enjoyed feeling the texture of the paint on their feet and seeing the marks they made as they walked along. See MoreSee Less

The babies have had a great time painting with their feet today! They enjoyed feeling the texture of the paint on their feet and seeing the marks they made as they walked along.Image attachmentImage attachment

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The children have such a lovely time , their cute little footprints X

The Toddler Room have been very busy creating a new under the sea display. They explored using a variety of media and materials to create a textured and colourful display that brightens up the room. The children had a great time creating the display and interact with it daily. For example, they love to count the starfish around the border, feel the glitter and different textures and naming the sea life they can see. It has been a great opportunity to have conversations with the children about their own experiences at the seaside and model new language for some of our younger toddlers. See MoreSee Less

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The finished product of the "under the sea" display.

The toddlers enjoying the rain this week! See MoreSee Less

Rainy days are fun days at Nursery Rhymes. πŸŒ§β˜”πŸŒ‚πŸ˜€ See MoreSee Less

Rainy days are fun days at Nursery Rhymes. πŸŒ§β˜”πŸŒ‚πŸ˜€

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Gorgeous photo X

The preschool children have been playing ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf ‘ taking turns really well. They have also been using great imagination, pretending the bridge was surrounded by water and sharks and finding different ways to get around the garden and save their friends.

The children also created animal faces by cutting leaves and twigs from the trees and threading them through a cardboard animal face. The preschool enjoyed cutting different branches and twigs and talking about what they found.
"These are really big leaves, they look like doggy ears" "this leaf is spikey" "the tree has lots of leaves, lots of little ones all together" "we can cut them and then I can put them on my lion face like a big lion"

The children also used their senses to explore the different leaves and twigs with one child saying "let’s smell it" "what does it smell like?"

The new outdoor sink was also getting plenty of use, teaching the children to wash their hands throughout the day.
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