Membership Fees

We are open 5 days a week, from 8.00am until 6.00pm, all year. Excluding Bank Holidays and the week between Christmas and New Year.

We offer full day care either on a full week, part week or sessional basis.

Membership Fees
Full Day = £58.00 (8am – 6pm)

Full Day Rate (8am – 6pm) Days Per Week Weekly Rate Monthly Rate
£58.00 2 £116 £502.67
£58.00 3 £174 £754.00
£58.00 4 £232 £1,005.33
£55.00* 5 £275 £1,191.67

Part Day = £53.00 (8am – 3pm or 9am – 4pm)

Part Day Rate (8am – 3pm or 9am – 4pm) Days Per Week Weekly Rate Monthly Rate
£53.00 2 £106 £459.33
£53.00 3 £159 £689.00
£53.00 4 £212 £918.67
£50.00* 5 £250 £1,083.33

Non-Funded Fees (age 1-3) *5 days per week discounted.
5% sibling discount (for the oldest child)

Discounts are not available once accessing the 3-4 year old 15 or 30 funded hours. Part day rates are not available for funded children.

Non-Funded Fees include all food and drink; Breakfast, Fruit, Hot lunch and Tea. We will also, where possible, cater for all special dietary requirements.

Non-Funded Fees do not include Nappies, Creams, wipes and baby formula milk (Cow’s milk is included).

Fees are payable on the 1st of each month in advance via direct debit, debit card, or childcare vouchers and are charged across 52 weeks of the year.

Fees will be reviewed annually, and parents will be informed of any increase with 2 months notice.

For information on 3-4 year old Funding please visit our Funding Page.