Children at Nursery Rhymes make Autumn display

The toddlers have all enjoyed helping to create an Autumn display this week. They all had the chance to participate in some fun creative activities of their choice.

They Included fruit and vegetable tasting/printing, leaf printing on the Autumn tree and creating trees with cotton buds. The children enjoyed learning about Autumn in the process. As they collected leaves, sticks and pine cones we talked about the change in colour of the leaves from green to red/orange/yellow.

During the various activities, the children learnt lots of different words to share their experiences. Here are a few examples:

‘That’s prickly, the carrot is long, looks like a circle, I didn’t like the lemon, it taste funny, the broccoli looks like a tree, small brown leaf, it looks spotty, the tree is big, I put leaves on it, I like tomato that’s my favourite!’

Mud Kitchen Play

The Pre-school children have had lots of fun this morning exploring their new outdoor mud kitchen.

Children at Nursery Rhymes

They used lots of natural resources and ingredients from their surroundings, such as soil, stones and twigs to create lots of yummy treats. 🌿🍂

New Baby Area

Baby Room

Our babies develop incredibly well and continue to make significant progress in all areas of learning. This is mainly due to the high staffing ratios maintained within the baby area, which enables staff members to really know their key children to identify their next steps in their development and help them make massive strides towards the early learning goals.

All babies show a strong sense of security and feel safe. Our babies well-being is fully promoted and they thrive in all areas and are very much loved and cared for.

The large baby area consists of three spacious rooms which are all connected and are allocated to the babies offering lots of activities to aid and enhance their development.



The three rooms include a separate play room, sleep room and messy room. The main room consists of a natural sensory area, a black and white area and a green area for reading stories, along with various play mats for constructive play, problem solving and physical activities. The sleep room consists of cots for the babies to sleep comfortably during the day. Our creative room is used for mealtimes and also for activities such as painting, drawing, sand play, water play, and playdough etc. The baby area also includes their own dedicated en-suite nappy changing area.

All rooms are used as free flow play rooms where possible, enabling babies to explore all areas with ease.

Megan – Baby room Leader

Babies enjoy messy play

The babies enjoyed playing with the shredded paper in the messy tray this afternoon.

They explored the texture and threw paper into the air and onto the floor to create lots of mess.

The babies also searched for objects in the baby area that had been hidden by their carers.


5 Star Food Hygiene Award

We are very pleased to have received the top score of 5 Stars for our recent food hygiene inspection.

A massive well done to our brilliant chef.

New pre-school roof

The pre-school children were very surprised and excited to see a brand new roof had been installed in our wonderful conservatory over the weekend.

The new ceiling which is fully insulated will enable the temperature in the pre-school area to be more easily regulated making the environment even more comfortable for all the children and staff all year round.

pre-school leicester nursery


pre-school leicester

New Kitchen Open

We are very excited to open our new state of the art kitchen. Complete with the best in Hygienic floor, wall and ceiling cladding used for restaurants & commercial Kitchens, stainless steel units, commercial ventilation and other first class facilities. The new kitchen will greatly help our chefs to supply top quality fresh and healthy food to all the children.

new kitchen2

quality kitchen, fresh food

New Toddler and Baby Area

We are very excited to open our amazing new extension this week.

The new 2 storey extension complete with a second staircase will massively extend our toddler and baby areas providing first class facilities to our existing nursery.

New Toddler Area