Prevention of choking

💚 Prevention of choking 💚 After teaching another great parent first aid yesterday the discussion of choking is always top of the agenda so I found this great visual and advice from Charlotte at SR Nutrition Follow her page for great nutritional and weaning advice This is what Charlotte has to say... 🥦Often with the … Continue reading Prevention of choking

Fruit Play

The Pre-School children have had lots of fun today using their senses to explore a tray of different fruits. The children showed interest in the different textures and smells as well as the different colours and shapes. We did lots of squishing and squeezing and the children observed the different effects. These are just some … Continue reading Fruit Play

Babies Exploring New Resources

The baby room have spent their afternoon creating lots of sounds using the new wooden drums. They would use their hands and the wooden spoons to bang the drums whilst listening to their carers sing nursery rhymes and talk about the different sounds that they are creating.